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Top Reasons to Use a Scent Detection Dog for Mould

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  1. Lower Costs. Scent detection canines can generate quicker and more accurate results than other instruments and methods (e.g. random, multiple air sampling and “destructive discovery” techniques). Knowing quickly and reliably if a structure has a mould problem and knowing exactly where the problem is lowers inspection and remediation costs for homeowners and insurers. This can result in substantial savings for homeowners and even higher savings for structures such as schools, hotels, commercial and government buildings.

  2. Cutting-Edge Technology . The "Nose" there is

    AWDA Certificte AWDA Certificte
    no machine or instrument on the market that is more reliable or more efficient at finding hidden mould. A well trained dog will quickly and efficiently detect hidden mould growth and pinpoint its location.

    When you experience itchy eyes and a watering nose but cannot find the evidence visually for the mould you may also smell, then the scent detection canine is the best chance to uncover the source of an active mould site.

    Scent dogs do have certain limitations however. For example, they cannot safely inspect attics with open floor joists, which is why AFFORDABLE C.H.I. utilizes other state of the art detection instrumentation in conjunction with the dogs. AFFORDABLE C.H.I. realizes that a properly trained and validated K9 is the best mould detection tool available today; but it is just a tool and should be incorporated into a professional, comprehensive inspection process conducted by a highly trained professional. AFFORDABLE C.H.I. knows how to incorporate a well-trained K9 into an intensive inspection process and will use K9s and other appropriate tools and technology to ensure that your home or business is thoroughly and professionally inspected for the presence of a mould threat.

  3. Proven and Trusted. “Man’s best friend”. Dogs are trained to work for food and love...and NOT for profits. Man has relied on dogs for decades in law enforcement and other public safety endeavors to accurately detect hidden bombs, drugs and other threats through the use of their amazing sense of smell. Dogs have even shown that they are capable of such amazing feats as anticipating and alerting a person to the imminent onset of a seizure and detecting several types of cancer in humans. Dogs can also be trained to detect a person’s mental state and offer comfort and solace to someone who struggles with depression. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that dogs can be trained to find hidden mould in a structure.

  4. Certification. Our handler teams are tested and certified through the American Working Dog Association. Many mould dog teams are only tested by the trainer who profits from their sale and from their continued participation in a privately administered testing and certification process. We believe that the trainer should never be part of the certification as this presents a clear conflict of interest and raises ethical issues about the validity of such a testing process. The American Working Dog Association membership includes several professional trainers who collaborate on testing and certification.

    It must be recognized that accuracy relies not just on the canine’s ability to detect its target odor, but also on the handler and his ability to correctly assess and interpret the dog’s behavior. A good handler must recognize minor changes in the dog’s behavior as a reaction to the presence of a target odor. It also relies on the integrity and ability of the trainer. While dogs do not lie, (they simply have no concept of such an act) their training can leave room for mistakes if not properly conducted. The American Working Dog Association testing process is designed to identify dogs that are not properly trained or handled.

  5. Greater Peace of Mind. Research supports that if the dog finds mould, there's a high statistical probability you should investigate further. If the dog doesn't find mould, you can know with greater certainty that your home, office or school is safe from mould.

  6. Hard Workers. In Germany, government authorities have found that a typical office building search of approximately 200 rooms can take one dog eight hours to complete.

  7. Effective Problem Solvers. For REALTORS concerned about escrow time lines, scent detection canines can quickly and more accurately inspect a home, which gives both parties the feedback they need to quickly and effectively resolve issues.

    If the basement is musty or you've had leaks in the roof, basement or plumbing, high relative humidity or condensation indoors, you could have a hidden mould problem. 80% of indoor mould issues are hidden and don't produce odors or visible growth. They can however, cause a variety of health problems.

    The age of the building has no bearing on whether there could be a mould issue.

Our Advantages

  • More precise investigation.
  • Able to pin point exact location of active mould growth.
  • Able to locate hidden mould problems.
  • Less destructive since walls that do not have growth do not require opening. Note: opening of any wall must be done under containment.
  • Able to detect viable mould spores as well as non-viable growth. Non-viable mould spores which are dead or have been killed by a biocide retain the mycotoxins. Dead mould spores are just as toxic as live mould spores. It is essential in a mould investigation to determine both viable and non-viable spores.
  • Faster and Less cost to the homeowner or property owner.

Q. I can see the mould, why should I use a detection dog?

A. You don’t need a detection dog to find mould you can see. You do, on the other hand, require the abilities of a highly trained detection dog to pinpoint problem areas you can’t see i.e.: behind walls, areas having sustained flood damage, interior foundation walls in basement, bathrooms, crawlspaces, areas around door and window frames, garages etc…

You can smell the musty odor of mould, but can’t seem to find the source. In our dog’s detection training, he’s been taught to go for the highest or strongest concentration of the scent. The highest or largest concentration of mould will usually occur at the originating point. Finding the primary source of the scent also helps find the source of the moisture and enables you to take more accurate, often times, less expensive remedial action.

Q. How much does it cost to have a Certified Mould Detection Dog as part of a typical home inspection?

A. It cost only an additional $75 for a single family home or building up to 2000 square feet. Anything above 2,000 square feet is an additional charge of only $5/100 square feet.