Affordable Canadian Home Inspections

Al Wright
Hamilton, ON
[email protected]


The Affordable Real Estate Advantage:

Using Affordable Home Inspection, you can provide your clients with a more knowledgeable, experienced home inspection professional. As a house inspector with our years of experience in home inspections, renovations, construction, handyman and as a real estate investor I can help reduce your risks and provide you with peace of mind in your buying or selling decisions.

We strongly recommend that the client be present during the inspection, so they can visually see what will be in the report and give me the opportunity to discuss things as they are discovered. We have found that by having the client present it gives us a better way to communicate any defects that are found. It also gives us the opportunity to discuss possible solutions, that can save you time and money, putting the client more at ease when major defects are found.

Advantages of listing a home that has been Pre-Inspected

  • Agents can recommend certified InterNACHI inspectors like Al Wright from Affordable Home Inspections to inspect the home properly before the buyer's inspector arrives.

  • Sellers can schedule the inspections at seller's convenience with little effort on the part of agents.

  • Sellers can assist inspectors during the inspections, something normally not done during buyer's inspections.

  • Sellers can have inspectors correct any misstatements in the reports before they are generated.

  • Reports help sellers see their homes through the eyes of a critical, third-party, thus making sellers more realistic about asking price.

  • Agents are alerted to any immediate safety issues found, before other agents and potential buyers tour the home.

  • Repairs made ahead of time might make homes show better.

  • Move In Certified yard signs attract potential buyers.

  • The reports hosted on entice potential buyers to tour MoveInCertified homes.

  • You can view the reports on any home that the client is interested in that is Move-in Certified by typing in the address

  • The reports provide third-party, unbiased opinions to offer to potential buyers.

  • MoveInCertified reports can be used as marketing tools to help sell the homes.

  • Reports might relieve prospective buyer's unfounded suspicions, before they walk away.

  • Seller inspections eliminate buyer's remorse that sometimes occurs just after an inspection.

  • Seller inspections reduce the need for negotiations and 11th-hour renegotiations.

  • Seller inspections relieve the agent of having to hurriedly procure repair estimates or schedule repairs.

  • The reports might encourage buyers to waive their inspection contingencies.

  • Deals are less likely to fall apart the way they often do when buyer's inspections unexpectedly reveal problems, last minute.

  • Reports provide full-disclosure protection from future legal claims.

Realtors: is your Home Inspector really qualified?

Licensing of home inspectors only sets a minimum standard. Much like being up to code , any less would be illegal. Imaginary people, children, psychics (who claim to "sense" if a house is OK) and even pets can be home inspectors. That is why NACHI front-ends its membership requirements . We turn down more than 1/2 the inspectors who want to join because they can't pass our exam or fulfill our membership requirements .

Our inspectors have to meet all of our membership requirements and pass our exam before being accepted into NACHI. We don't offer associate or candidate memberships (junior memberships for inspectors who have not met the requirements).

NACHI inspectors have to:

  • Pass NACHI's Online Inspector Examination every year .

  • Complete NACHI's online Ethics Obstacle Course .

  • Take NACHI's online Standards of Practice Quiz .

  • Sign and submit an Affidavit .

  • Adhere to NACHI's Standards of Practice .

  • Abide by NACHI's Code of Ethics .

  • Continue learning (24 hours/year) as per NACHI's Continuing Education Policy .

  • Maintain a member Online Continuing Education Log (free) as per NACHI's Continuing Education Policy .

  • If never performed a home inspection for a fee - submit 4 mock inspections to NACHI's Report Review Committee (free) before performing their first home inspection for a client.

  • Within 30 days after joining - successfully complete NACHI's comprehensive online Standards of Practice course (free).

  • Within first 60 days after joining - complete NACHI's comprehensive online Roofing course (free) including all the quizzes within and pass it's final exam.

  • Within first 3 months of membership - apply for a membership photo I.D.

  • Re-take and pass NACHI's Online Inspector Examination again, every year

  • Attend at least one chapter meetings or educational seminars every two years (reasonable exceptions apply).

  • We have access to Inspector's Quarterly , delivered to their doorstep.

  • We have access to NACHI's free visual aid inspection frames to help them learn.

  • We have access to NACHI's free library for improving their inspection skills.

  • We have access to NACHI's message board for exchanging information and tips.

  • We have access to NACHI's What's New section so they can keep up with the industry.

  • We have access to NACHI's specific-topic advisory boards .

  • We have access to Dear NACHI for detailed advice.

  • We have access to a time-tested Agreement which keeps us (and you) away from lawsuits.

  • We have access to NACHI's Report Review/Mentoring service.

  • Submit passport photos for their membership I.D.

  • We have access to NACHI's free online inspection courses .

  • We have to have mock inspections reviewed before performing their first fee paid inspection.

  • We have to carry E&O insurance (if their state requires it) .

  • We have access to a real estate agent hold harmless clause.

  • We have access to NACHI University .

  • We have access to The NACHI Mall .

  • We have a consumer hot-line for their clients.

  • We have access to an Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Service .

  • And coming in 2006: Have to complete NACHI's Occupant Hazard Recognition Primer .

Don't settle for using or recommending a candidate or associate of any association - your clients will appreciate that you took the time to find them a truly qualified professional to perform their home inspection. So, the next time you need to refer your clients to a home inspector, make sure you are recommending a NACHI certified home inspector .